The seamless screen shows the picture brighter, richer, clearer. It allows you to add impressive video effects. The video wall will show the image in good quality. Interactive Story offers multimedia products from certified partners, created using modern technologies.

What are video wall display panels and what are they for?

To demonstrate content, a video wall is used – a large screen assembled from separate panels . Most often it is used in offices, educational institutions, shopping centers. The quality of the image is determined by the technical characteristics of the devices. Their optimal dimensions are 2×2 or 3×3 m. Video walls provide maximum picture brightness, so they are more often installed in shopping centers or exhibitions. Plasma (LCD) cameras have a high resolution, and therefore a high-quality and clear image is used in places with a large number of people.

The design of systems can be floor, bench or hinged, stationary, mobile. When assembling, the quality of the picture depends on how accurately the blocks fit together, whether the panel fits .

How to choose video wall display panel devices?

In order for the video wall to function normally, it is important to consider the following reules:

  • Video screen size. The diagonal of panels for video walls depends on its dimensions. It is advisable to accurately measure it along with the frame.
  • Purpose of application. It is best to choose a video wall with a round-the-clock operation (this should be indicated in the technical specifications of the device).
  • Frame thickness. An important detail: the image will be more colorful and spectacular when installing seamless devices. However, for scrollable images that are independent of each other, the thickness of the frame does not matter.
  • Use of content. The video wall as a whole has a high resolution, so it is important to decide whether the device is suitable for displaying a particular type of information.
  • Control. The panel must be controlled by engineers who will correct the problems, so the operation must be simple and convenient. Also, on video blocks, the image is shown along the entire wall, on each screen. Installation is carried out using the controller. In order for the selected pictures to be bright, saturated and of high quality, you need good content.

Where to buy video panels?

Interactive Stroy provides a wide range of blocks for government agencies, medical clinics, concert and trading halls, and dispatch centers equipped with communications. The activity of the organization is to develop programs on a turnkey basis, and their distribution.

Company advantages:

  • rental and sale of panels for video walls manufactured by LG, AMS, NEC, Orion, Samsung, and Triolion;
  • a staff of specialists in various fields – designers, engineers, programmers, designers;
  • video wall with discounts and promotions;
  • project accreditation;
  • cooperation with global certified partners of multimedia and interactive equipment.

All video wall equipment is sold at manufacturer’s prices. The company also has 2 own production sites for equipment. If necessary, specialists will help to build the structure. You can purchase video blocks by filling out an application on the website or by calling