Today, the video wall display is a popular and almost the only system that allows you to build a single display that has the ability to transmit a large amount of information. The video wall display is mostly “built” using video cubes or LCD panels; the equipment is joined into a single display means, while the seam size is minimal.

A video wall is needed in many organizations, such as in situational and control centers, control centers of any size, boardrooms, conference rooms, financial institutions, medical centers, educational institutions, airports, and train stations – in all rooms where detailed and clear images are needed big size.

Here are the top five benefits of video wall display:

1. Large screen
The most popular and most obvious use of video wall displays. Image sizes impress viewers with large-scale graphics as the video is displayed on multiple screens. Perfect for sports and entertainment events, control rooms, and situational centers. A detailed demonstration of images is necessary in order to easily see the name on the screen, for example, a settlement or the name of a player. Often, monitoring the overall picture requires bringing a part of a separate section of the image closer to one display, as a result of which it is possible to broadcast several necessary sources to one workspace.

2. Bulk data transfer
Thanks to the large screen, mass data transfer has become even easier. These operations are popular at airports, railway stations, industrial facilities, and educational centers, where tables and graphs are constantly displayed. Information, flight times, and reports are easy to see and read when the data is “stretched” across multiple high-resolution screens.

3. Multiple Sources on the Screen
Showing different content on a display can be incredibly useful in corporations that often give presentations or communicate via video conferencing. It is especially convenient if the number of participants during the process increases or there is the possibility of editing or comparing content.

4. Interactivity
Most often used in educational institutions, shopping, and entertainment centers to attract attention. With the help of a video wall, you will be able to involve visitors or students in the process, in virtual reality, where they can interact with their surroundings. Perfect for advertising, gaming, and navigation content.

5. Social Media – Online
Does your company have social media accounts? Showcase content from your website or social media using online panels. Video walls allow you to showcase multiple social networks at the same time, allowing viewers to see posts from a site of their choice.

Video wall displays are gaining popularity not only abroad, where they have already become quite widespread, but also in Russia. Most often they are used as a video wall display system for advertising information in restaurants, banks, and shopping centers.