Screen Manufacturing Technologies 

LEDs are the main elements of the LED screen, which, under the influence of the current in contact with them, at the output give light of different colors (pixels). Each screen model has its own pixel range – from 1 to 25 mm.

In the production of Kazan LED screens, two technologies can be used: DIP and SMD. The first type is older. It uses multi-colored LEDs on the legs, which form one pixel, consisting of three diodes. This technology is known for its high brightness and manual mounting of diodes.

SMD display screen technology is more modern and complex. Here, one diode consists of 3 multi-colored semiconductor elements, which, when in contact with current, give off a glow of various intensities. The pixel has a housing with three diodes, which do not have legs and can only be installed with special equipment. Such screens in Ufa provide a high-definition image and are distinguished by their long service life.

Screen selection: main criteria

The operation of the SMD display Screen at the Airport should make life easier for passengers and employees, and therefore should cover the maximum audience. To do this, when choosing a screen, you should pay attention to:

  • Size and location. The scoreboard is the main information source for passengers, so the information displayed on it should be clearly visible from all possible angles.
  • The type of output information. The pixel pitch from each other and the screen resolution depend on this parameter. After all, the higher the resolution, the better the image display will be.
  • Brightness and viewing angle. The information broadcast on the monitor should not be lost, so the scoreboard is installed at a certain height and at an angle convenient for viewing. Each model has its own settings.

If there is an LED screen at the airport, passengers will not be able to get lost, as they can easily find information on the desired flight. And the waiting time between flights will pass easily and unnoticed because on the scoreboard you can broadcast not only advertising but also other educational videos.