Rental LED display is very widely used in various occasions, national conferences, sports games, music shows, etc., and even some civic events, such as party, marriage ceremony, etc.

As we all know, the rental LED display needs to be transported, assembled and disassembled repeatedly, and high performance is required, so there are differences from fixed installation LED displays.

1. Application for rent with special cabinet design

Traditional LED showcases are mainly cold-rolled carbon steel plate, known as “metal box”, through bending, welding, spraying and other processes, it is low cost, but heavy and not as accurate. While the rented LED display uses a die-cast aluminum housing, which is made from a special mold and processed by CNC machine to ensure its high precision. The design is also thin and dinner.

2. Easy to assemble and transport

The die-cast aluminum body is designed for rental use, its tool mounting and disassembly is free, and it is contained in a case, the accessories are also model design and easy to assemble.

3. Top quality workmanship.

LED display rental not only features a special case design, but also an electronic design, it uses high-functional components such as chips, a control system, a video processor, etc. The gray level is 14bit, refresh rate is> 1920Hz.
Which strives to provide the display of high-quality images. Improve brand image for customers.

4. Create a free form.

Special horizontal cabinet connector, the angle of which is adjustable from -15 to +15 degrees so that the rental panel can be assembled into an arc, a true round, or even an S-shape as required by the occasion. As well as different groups of panels can be fully controlled from a PC, and various digital input sources through a video processor and switch between images.