Installation of a video wall requires special skills and is carried out by professional integrators in several key steps:

1. Assembly of bearing supports

Bearing supports are made in accordance with an individual project, a suitable bracket for a video wall is selected. Such a design must exactly correspond to the declared parameters, not have distortions, be easy to install, withstand additional loads, and meet fire safety requirements.

2. Preliminary check of modules

Before installation, each LED screen undergoes an additional check for performance, the presence of hidden defects, and compliance with technical requirements. Otherwise, there is a risk of installing a defective module and subsequent time spent on dismantling and re-assembling the equipment.

3. Joining panels

To form the highest quality image, LED screens with a minimum frame thickness are used as modules. This allows panels to be joined seamlessly.

4. Installation of switching equipment

At this stage, the equipment of controllers responsible for processing video signals, laying communication lines and directly connecting signal sources to information panels is installed.

5. Setup and testing

Checking the correct functioning of all video wall modules. Setting individual parameters: brightness, contrast, etc.

Upon completion of the adjustment and test work, the equipment is put into operation. The client is provided with a package of documents confirming that this project meets all the requirements of the terms of reference. A training course on the operation of the video wall is being conducted. For equipment, as well as for all types of installation work, a guarantee is provided.

When ordering video walls from MJN Digital, you can be sure of prompt and high-quality installation from professionals in their field.


  •  Availability of own production with a developed material and technical base and qualified personnel
  • The shortest time for the manufacture of non-standard fasteners, the maximum quality of the produced metal structures, up to 5 working days. Possibility of participation of the customer in the production process (quality control in production, stay in the territory of the enterprise in case of production need).
  • Various forms of payment and any form of payment.
  • At the request of the customer, we provide certificates of conformity for our products and letters of guarantee.
  • Our company has repeatedly participated in various tenders, including government ones.
  • In addition, many companies participating in tenders prefer to purchase equipment from us.
  • The system of bonuses for decision-makers.